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Joe Molinar violated your trust and victimized a woman by sexually harassing her at a city holiday dance, according to the findings of his fellow city representatives. Joe was twice accused of misconduct affecting the victims and costing the taxpayers of El Paso their hard-earned tax dollars. Joe's actions are diverting resources from essential community needs and puts not only the women at city hall in danger of sexual harassment but the city's taxpayers may need to pay to settle a lawsuit arising from Joe's sexual harrasment of women.

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A Recall Is Necessary To Protect The Taxpayers

A recall is the necessary step to restore trust and transparency in our city government. Join us in demanding accoutability and standing against harassment by signing the petiton to recall Joe Molinar today!

In February, the El Paso City Council voted to issue Joe Molinar a letter of admonitoin for sexually harassing a female city employee at a city-sponsored holiday dance.

In addition to the letter of admonition, Joe was ordered to take a course on discrimination and harrasment. Joe was also told that if he sexually harassed another city employee, further action would be taken by the City Council.

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Become a volunteer and lead a team in your neighborhood. Contact us below to join our team or email us direct at womenreformelpaso@gmail.com